Kimono Sevillanas

Japan has second largest population of Flamenco in the world. However, the number is decreasing every year during the past 20 years and less people are interested in flamenco.

Therefore, I produced a video; dancing Sevillanas in all 47 prefectures in Japan, wearing traditional attire such as Kimono and Yukata to receive more attention. (Flamenco beginners normally learn Sevillanas at first)

I intended to combine Flamenco with Japanese traditional culture in this project. There are plenty of beautiful landscapes and historical buildings in this country. Sevillanas in front of temple, shrine, castle, traditional garden, antique city, great buda, disaster area, and even at the top of Skytree.

I, myself as a dancer, danced Sevillanas but mainly shot the video from Nov 2018 to Oct 2019. 770 person participated from 79 schools from all over the country. Unique and large-scale video has finally been completed in Jan 2020.I hope you enjoy the fusion of Spanish dance and Japanese culture through this video.

Kimono Sevillanas YouTube |日本に恋した、フラメンコ

Organizer / Producer Ken Nagata

Born in Germany in 1973. He began Flamenco at Antonio Alonso Flamenco Academy in Tokyo in 1999. He also studied in Madrid, Spain at “Amor de Dios” from 2003 to 2004. Ken Nagata won the prize in ANIF (Asociacion Nipona de Flamenco) contest in 2013, receiving unanimous vote for the first time in its history. First promotion video “Flamenco in the Rain” (2015) awarded first prize in “Kuno 1 Gran Prix” short movie presentation. He challenged a fusion of Japan and Spain in his second video “Samurai x Flamenco” (2018) using sword in contrast of baton (stick for dance)